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about South Africa , South Africa is unique with a lot of attractions you won't find anywhere else in the world South Africa really is a whole world in one country. European city life, modern health care, western culture, a well maintained network of roads and a functioning economy are combined with the ancient beauty of the nature and traditional culture of the African continent, which never fails to enchant us with its unique wealth of plants and animals.

A beach run on the wild Atlantic coast, fly-fishing for trout in the Natal Midlands or South Africa has some of the finest and most challenging golf courses in the world, together with a beautiful and unique setting. Shopping in exclusive boutiques or admire African arts and crafts at a colourful street-market. Explore the African on safari, watch elephants having a bath at a waterhole or lions hunting their prey.

There are a lot of alternatives and some information mainly attractions; the Kruger National Park in the north-east, the Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu Natal, the Kgalagadi Park in the Kalahari desert, the Garden Route with its stunning beaches and indigenous forests and, last but not least, Cape Town, "The Fairest Cape," including the charming Cape Peninsula, the Winelands and the West Coast.

South Africa is quite justly proud of its rich natural heritage, which is being diligently protected in the many nature reserves and national parks. The country is home to more than 300 mammal species, over 500 bird species, over 100 kinds of reptiles and countless insects. Not all the animals are easy to watch. Besides the fact that many species are night-active, season, place, wheather and, of course, luck play a part as well. To observe and photograph animals, always requires a lot of patience and also good lenses with a long focal distance.

places worth seeing, Cape Town is gorgeous city and by far the most appealing in South Africa and also unique city in the world between two oceans. The oldest city in South Africa, founded by the Dutch in 1652. It owes this distinction primarily to the mighty Table Mountain massif, which surrounds the city centre protectively and frames the City Bowl so photogenically. It's sophisticated, has a variety of attractive buildings old and new, excellent beaches, bars, restaurants, clubs and entertainment facilities. Then there's the staggeringly beautiful Table Mountain in the middle of it all, a cluster of pretty, old Dutch style wineries and vineyards in the suburbs and some spectacular, scenic drives along the coast nearby.

Table Mountain can be accessed by cable car. From the top, one has stunning views of the centre of town, of the harbour in Table Bay, with its outline of white beaches, and of the mountains of the Cape Peninsula. No visit to Cape Town is complete without a trip up Table Mountain home to some of South Africa's most breathtaking views. Take a guided walk on one of the many routes or simply ride the cable car to the top - it will be one of your lasting memories of South Africa.

The cosmopolitan metropolis has a great variety of attractions to offer its visitors. There is the Castle of Good Hope and many more historic buildings from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. At the V&A Waterfront, one can go shopping in style, visit the art galleries and arts and craft shops, browse through flea-markets or indulge in the fresh local specialities of seafood restaurants. Cape Town is surrounded by stunning white, sandy beaches, offering choices on both the fresh Atlantic coast and the warmer Indian Ocean. Not to be missed is the Cape Peninsula with its nature reserve, the fishing village of Hout Bay and the Cape of Good Hope at the point.

The perfect holiday for those who want to see the best of Cape Town and the Western Cape. The winelands, Atlantic coast, Cape of Good Hope are all within easy reach, as are the restaurants and attractions of Cape Town, one of the worlds most beautiful cities. At the right time of year there is also the chance to go whale-watching, and throughout the year can visit the Penguins at Boulder Bay.

The Kalahari is like other deserts with its orange-red dune ranges leaves a deep impression on the visitor. The clear, intense colours, the stillness and expanse of this landscape, and the special animal and plant world exert an almost magical attraction. Particularly fascinating is the change the desert undergoes after a thunderstorm, when it becomes a colourful sea of wildflowers within a few hours, and large herds of wildebeest, springboks and oryx antelopes stroll through the riverbeds. The park is known to be a favourite destination for lion admirers. The big cats are quite numerous and easy to watch, as they lie in wait for prey on a dune, seeking the shade under one of the sparse trees or stalking a quarry. Therefore, renowned animal photographers from all over the world are frequent visitors to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

The Kruger Park is hardly anyone hasn't heard the name. It is the oldest game reserve in the world. In a huge area of 350 by 60 km one can view Africa's unique animal world at close range. About the size of Israel, the Kruger Park is the greatest of South Africa's many national parks which attract a great number of visitors intent on drinking in the wilderness. On guided walks, drives or self-drive, visitors have the best chance of spotting the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo) in this park. But there are also giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, zebras elands, impalas, kudu, hippopotami, crocodiles, hundreds of bird species and many more. The animals are not in a zoo, but live in the wild. Especially fascinating are the waterholes early in the morning and in the late afternoon, when the animals come to drink. A diligently planned 2,000 km long web of roads covers the park. They are partially tarred, so that one can travel comfortably, without being constantly enclosed in a cloud of dust. However, one can also explore the park in a more adventurous manner and drive off the tourist mainstream on sandy side roads. The Kruger Park is big and diverse enough to guarantee each visitor his or her personal safari adventure. Excellent accommodation is available in the park, ranging from stylish thatched lodges to plain camps in the middle of the bush. The bigger camps provide good restaurants and shopping facilities.

South Africa have a lot of festivals, some of them are; Cape Town New Year Karnival, a wild and colourful event with music, parades and dance galore; Kavadi Festival in Durban, a dramatic Hindu festival with much body piercing; Klein Karoo Arts Festival in Oudtshoorn; National Arts Festival, Grahamstown; Morija Arts & Culture Festival, Lesotho.

how to get South Africa , There are an outstanding number of world-class airlines flying daily into South Africas international airports from all the corners of the globe. Mainly airport are Johannesburg International Airport (JIA), Cape Town International Airport (CIA), Durban International Airport (DIA).

Many European destinations offer daily flights between Johannesburg and their European capitals and some offer two flights per day.

South African Airways code-share with Varig Brazilian Airlines and have flights from Sao Paolo to Johannesburg every day. The regular departure times are in the early evening which means one arrives in Johannesburg.

China is serviced by both Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines with their hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore.

There are also daily flights to Johannesburg from both New York and Washington South African Airways.

places worth seeing from South Africa

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