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about Tokyo , Tokyo is Japan's capital and the country's largest city. At over 12 million people, Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is also huge and varied in its geography, with over 2,000 square kilometers to explore.

The metropolis of Tokyo including the Izu and Ogasawara Islands, several small Pacific Islands in the south of Japan's main island Honshu.

Over 400 years old, the city of Tokyo grew from the modest fishing village of Edo. The former seat of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the Imperial family moved to the city after the Meiji Restoration. The metropolitan centre of the country, Tokyo is the modern destination for business, education, culture, and government.

As a modern city Tokyo, could be described as too good to be true. People dress in the latest gear, excellent restaurants serve up delicious food of all varieties. Those times can still be witnessed today, not only in the former gates and stone walls of the old castle moat, but in the way that the modern city is laid out, with the city's main business center and political hub on the periphery of the old castle, along with the important gateway to the, city, Tokyo Station. To the east of the station is the ever-thriving Nihonbashi wholesale district and the famous shopping streets of Ginza, literally "seat of silver""which was once the side of the shogun's mint.

The city fills a huge area that seems to go on forever, with no specific city center, but rather a succession of districts grouped together. In the back streets, there are reminders that this is exotic Japan; kimono-clad women prune bonsai trees and colorful neighbourhood festivals take place.

For Tokyo is actually dozens of cities within a city. At the core is the business center of Chiyoda Ward; to the east is the center of the former Edo-town people's culture, shitamachi, and to the west is the skyscraper city of Shinjuku.

Tokyo has four distinct seasons. The summer months (June, July and August) are hot and sticky while winter can be freezing. Tokyo is best visited in spring or autumn.

places worth seeing, The city is an exuberant experience for visitors. It also many museums and is the largest repository of Japanese art in the world. The best time to visit Tokyo in spring. It might also be wise to avoid an even more crowded Tokyo during the Golden Week national holiday, from 29 April to 5 May.

Tokyo National Museum is close to Ueno Station, enclosed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Imperial Gift Park, the National Museum boasts the largest collection of Japanese art in the world. Exhibits range from antique kimonos and delicate pottery to woodblock prints and archaeological finds. A huge complex that has ancient temple treasures, beautiful kimonos that are centuries old, Japanese armour and weapons and numerous other displays reflecting the culture and history of this fascinating country. The Imperial Gift Park also contains some other cultural institutions, including a zoo, the Western Art Museum, the Metropolitan Art Museum, Bunka Kaikan Cultural Hall and the National Science Museum.

Imperial Palace is the original building commenced in 1590, during the Edo period further extentions made it the worlds largest castle. Japans Imperial Palace is regarded as the heart and soul of Tokyo, standing on a huge site that still bears the remains of Edo Castle, stronghold of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Yasukuni Shrine is north of the Imperial Palace lies the controversial Yasukuni Shrine. Soldiers fought in the knowledge that their spirits would find rest and honour at Yasukuni in the after-life.

Edo-Tokyo Museum is Tokyos museum dedicated to detailing the citys history, art, culture and architecture through the medium of visual displays is an impressive.

Akihabara Tokyos electronic wonderland has become world-renowned. This area near Chuo-dori Avenue, west of Akihabara Station.There are more than 250 electrical appliance and electronics shops, many of them now dealing in computer hardware and software.

Sensoji Temple is experience the religious heart of Tokyo. This temple was built on the site of a shrine dating back to 645 and is Tokyo's most sacred temple; the Asakusa neighbourhood of Tokyo draws visitors to admire the citys oldest temple. Tourists enjoy the visit to the temple mainly because the approach is a colorful pedestrian lane, Nakamise Dori, lined with shops and souvenir stalls.

Tokyo Disneyland is plenty of fun is to be had for the young and young at heart at Tokyos Disneyland. The expected attractions like a Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain and Toontown are all included on the huge site, along with a sea park and five hotels.

Tokyo Tower has been made famous by its appearance in many movies and cartoons. Tokyo Tower is really one of few icons of Tokyo.

Mount Fuji is Japan's highest mountain. Visible fromTokyo on a clear day, the mountain is located to the west of Tokyo on the main island Honshu.

The Japanese Grand Prix usually falls towards the end of the Formula One season and has over the years provided much excitement. In 2007 the race will move from Suzuka to the Fuji Speedway in the Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tokyo Motor Show is a biennial auto show held in October-November at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

The best of Tokyo restaurants; Otaka-Ginza, Tsukiji Edogin, Benihana and Nodaiwa.

Many festivals have their origin in Shinto and Buddhism, while other events, such as snow festivals and fireworks displays, are wonderfully staged for the local populace and visitors alike. Kabuki is the best known and most loved by people around the world, the traditional performing art of Kabuki is a more popular form of theater than Noh.

Sumida River Fireworks Festival is every summer Japan prepares for its numerous fireworks festivals held throughout the nation. Many dress in traditional kimono and festival wear for the occasion.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival is beginning of spring, cherry trees burst into a riot of pink and white blossoms all over the city drawing thousands of holidaymakers daily for cherry blossom viewing. For many years, the Japanese people have celebrated the cherry blossom season every year, which depends on the local conditions, but usually starts in Okinawa in January, reaching Kyoto and Tokyo in late March to early April, and Hokkaido in late May.

how to get Tokyo , Narita Airport; New Tokyo International (NRT) is located 40 miles north-east of Tokyo. Major gateway for international travellers.

Haneda Airport; Tokyo International Airport. It is more commonly known as Haneda Airport. Haneda is the busiest airport in Asia and the fourth-busiest airport in the world, handling 63 million passengers annually.

Other airports are Chofu Airport, Oshima Airport, Hachijojima Airport, Miyakejima Airport and Tokyo Heliport.

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