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about England , England became a unified state during the 10th century and takes its name from the Angles, one of a number of Germanic tribes who settled in England in the fifth and sixth centuries and who are believed to have originated in the peninsula of Angeln. The capital city of England is London, which is the largest city in Great Britain, and the largest city in the EU.

England is the most populous nation in the United Kingdom; as well as being the most ethnically diverse. England would have the fourth largest population in the European Union.

England's economy is the second largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest economy in the world, and also is the largest of the four economies of the United Kingdom, with 100 of Europe's 500 largest corporations based in London. As part of the United Kingdom, England is a major centre of world economics.

England ranks amongst the world's most influential and far-reaching centres of cultural development. England is home to the Royal Society, which laid the foundations of modern experimental science. England was the world's first parlimentary democracy and consequently many constitutional, governmental and legal innovations that had their origin in England have been widely adopted by other nations.

Englands eventful history and scenic diversity render it one of the worlds most popular visitor destinations. From prehistoric Stonehenge to 21st-century attractions like the London Eye, its inhabitants have contributed much to the appeal of the UKs largest constituent country.

England are easily accessible from the capital city, London. In England's North Country lakes, mountains, castles and craggy coastlines create a scenic splendour while further south the medieval city of York contrasts with lively Liverpool and Manchester, both famous for their football teams and exhausting nightlife. England is welcoming, friendly, fascinating and fun, where pomp and circumstance balance the often bizarre idiosyncrasies of its people, and a sense of humour is the passport to certain acceptance.

England weather is very changeable and unpredictable, but generally summers are warm and winters are cold, and temperatures are milder than those on the continent, with temperatures moderated by the light winds that blow in off its relatively warm seas.

places worth seeing, England is a good travel destination for holiday. London a great place to travel, Discover about the history and tradition of England and London, their cultures. There is a lot of places worth for a visit as the National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, Notting Hill, Trafalgar Square.

England is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. England offers the tourist a view into the past, as history surrounds you wherever you travel. So many places to visit in England, so little holiday time available.

Most visitors travelling south will discover a quieter England. South of London the 'Garden of England' stretches out with bountiful farmlands to the coast, where visitors will find charming seaside resorts and fishing villages. Englands heritage, and therefore its appeal as a destination, is many-faceted and deeply rooted, ranging from the literary genius of Shakespeare to everyday pageantry in the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

London is the capital city of both England and the UK, a vast metropolitan area, and a global capital of finance, fashion and culture. London has survived Roman occupancy, sackings from the Celts, Romans, Vikings and Saxons, a Norman invasion, two great fires, the bubonic plague, the Spice Girls and Damien Hirst.

The London Eye lifts visitors high above the river into vistas that stretch tight across the fading skies. The Tower of London is an excellent places. First constructed in the 11th century, the Tower has been rebuilt several times as later monarchs have left their mark. Still one of London's biggest attractions, and a great celebration of pomp that is free to all visitors is the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, which happens daily.

Birmingham is the UK's second largest city is located in the Industrial heartland and many attractions for the traveller, considered Britain's "second city" it is a cultural, sporting, entertainment, shopping and media hub.

Brighton is Victorian seaside resort turned into one of the major nightlife entres of Europe.

Liverpool is famed nautical city and home of the Beatles. To Liverpool without a song on their lips. From the twin cathedrals with their striking views over the city to the historical, Grade 1 listed Albert Dock and its Beatles museum

Manchester is a cultural, sporting, entertainment, shopping and media hub. Manchester best known for its football teams, Manchester was once one of England's greatest Victorian cities and was the birthplace of both rail travel and Rolls Royce. The city boasts more than 50 free museums and galleries, a world-class sports centre that recently hosted the Commonwealth Games, and plenty of parks, gardens and other attractions.

Manchester City and Manchester United are two of the biggest football clubs in England and Old Trafford has become a huge tourist destination. Old Trafford nicknamed the Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford is home to one of the premier English football clubs, Manchester United and since 1878, has been the heart and soul of the club

Bristol is largest city in South England (after London), vibrant music scene, lovely historic buildings and an attractive waterfront.

Newcastle upon Tyne is a thriving northern city with world-famous nightlife. Newcastle has now become a highly popular UK weekend destination, particularly with the younger crowd who flock to its bars, restaurants and nightclubs, intent on having a good time.

The city's modern amenities lie comfortably alongside a myriad of historic sites, parks, traditional markets, galleries and museums, and although it may not yet be on everybody's list of top destinations.

Nottingham is home of Robin Hood and Nottingham Castle.

Oxford is place where legendary Alice in Wonderland, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Harry Potter's Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The city's dreaming spires house the famous Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

York is ancient capital of Yorkshire, with Roman, Viking and Medieval remains. The presence of York University means that it is a lively mix of the old and the new. There are plenty of shops, bars, clubs and restaurants and weary travellers can spend their afternoon in one of the city's excellent tea rooms or coffee shops.

Christmas is Britain's most popular holiday and is characterized by traditions which date back hundreds of years. Many Christmas customs which originated in Britain have been adopted in the United States.

how to get England , London Heatrow Airport, the largest airport by traffic volume in Europe and one of the world busiest airports is situated 15 miles west of London.

London Gatwick Airport, the second largest airport is situated 28 miles south of London.

The third largest is Manchester Airport is situated 10 miles southwest of Manchester city centre

Other major airports include London Stansted Airport is situated 30 miles northeast of London and Birmingham International Airport is situated eight miles south east of Birmingham. London Luton Airport (LTN) is situated 32 miles northwest of London.

Bristol International Airport (BRS) is situated seven miles south west of Bristol.

Leeds Bradford International (LBA) is situated nine miles northwest of Leeds.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) is situated seven miles southeast of Liverpool.

Newcastle International Airport (NCL) is situated six miles from Newcastle city center.

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