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about Cappadocia , Cappadocia, meaning "the land of beautiful horses"
Cappadocian region is the area where history and nature come together most beautifully within the world. For millions of year, with a geological structure of volcanic formations, Urgup was founded within the region which had been shaped into different fantastic forms known as �Fairy Chimneys�, through erosions of wind and water. The were formed as floodwater poured down the sides of the valleys, combined with strong winds which tore away the softer volcanic rocks, resulting in this magnificent landscape. While geographic events are forming Fairy Chimneys, during the historical period. Cappadocia is a land of discovery. Away from Goreme, Zelve and the major tourist places, there are partially excavated Hittite centers, cavetowns and hundreds of churches that are seen, gorges to explore and some of the most vivid, pastoral scenes to be captured in all of Turkey.

During the old Roman Empire territories of Cappadocian Region as a extensive region lying till to the Toros Mountains at south. Today's Cappadocian Region is the area covered by Kayseri, Nevsehir, Aksaray, Nigde and K�rsehir cities. More limited area, rocky Cappadocian Region is composed of Uchisar, Goreme, Avanos, Urgup, Derinkuyu, Kaymakl�, Ihlara and enviroment. G�reme, which hide among fairy chimneys, is the heart of Cappadocia. First period settlement within the region reaches to Roman times from Christianity. Ortahane, Durmus Kadir, Yusuf Koc and Bezirhane churches in Goreme

Traditional Cappadocian buildings and dovecotes carved into hard stones are showing the uniqueness of the region. These houses are built on the feet of the mountain via rocks or cut stones. Rock, which is the only construction material of the region, as it is very soft after quarry due to the structure of the region, can be easily processed but after contact with air it hardens and turns into a very strong material.

places worth seeing, In one of the beautiful region of Cappadocia. Here is magnificent natural wonder of the world, particularly in Goreme Valley and Ihlara Valley, to relax and to explore this historical, natural surroundings, while your accomodation, you will be find comfort and world famous Turkish hospitality.

If you go to Turkey, you should go here or "must see" places in Cappadocia, such as the various "Fairy chimneys", G�reme Valley, G�reme National Park, rock churches, the underground cities of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu , Zelve Valley, Avanos, the Uchisar rock fortress, the Ihlara Valley, and Soganli.

From season to season, the climate is quite extreme. Summers are hot and dry, with warm nights. Winters are cold and it can even snow, while spring and autumn are mild. Cappadocia is generally cooler than the popular coastal areas of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. April to mid June and September to October are the best months for avoiding the intense heat and crowds of summer.

And also cycling, walking and horseback tours are becoming very popular in the region. If you would like to try different experience. Of course it can be � Hot Air Balloon Flight � a hot air balloon flight is different from all other experiences of flight. This kind of travelling at heights up 1500 feet makes you feel peaceful because of magnificent view. The earth slowly descends and rotates below you. Within moments after lifting off you become at ease while you effortlessly drift over the treetops and the spectacular Cappadocian landscape.

The deep canyons and lush fertile valleys of Cappadocia provide balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight, gentle winds carry you over places that could never be reached except balloon.

how to get Cappadocia , The main airport of the Cappadocia Region is Kayseri Airport and there are regular flights and also other connection is from the Nevsehir Airport.

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