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about Canada , Canada is a magnificent country and mean of the name Canada came from Kanata, meaning " settlement " or " village " in the language of the Huron? For thousands of years Native people have had a close relationship with the supernatural and natural beings who occupy the sky, earth and underworld. Canada is as diverse as its American neighbour. Ski the slopes of Banff or shop till you drop in Toronto, explore the stunning city of Vancouver or simply relax with a coffee in Calgary. These beings shared their knowledge with humans, teaching them a means of subsistence, the importance of respecting themselves and the spirit world, and the ceremonies required to sustain themselves and future generations. Come and experience Canadas Aboriginal tourism products.

The world's second largest country after Russia, and has a mind boggling array of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Canada is in Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, north of the US. Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. New Brunswick, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Nunavut Territory, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory. Visitors may be surprised to know that much of Canada enjoys very hot summers and places like the Okanogan and Vancouver Island are hot and dry. The frigid north is a amazing destination and wildlife viewing on land and sea, difference trekking, climbing and skiing, fantastic salt and fresh water fishing and discover the Rocky Mountains, glaciers and forests. A cruise icebergs, watch the awesome storms along Vancouver Island's west coast, have close encounters with orcas. Get a glimpse of the world famous Mounties, taste the varied cuisine; sample fresh salmon or locally made maple syrup.

If you are searcing for magnificent adventure travel you can enjoy hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, whale watching, whitewater rafting, viewing the Northern Lights, snowmobiling, skiing or just plain finding a place with total peace. Canada travel - your adventure travel destination.

For the more adventurous and nature lovers, Canada offers some of the best vacationing areas in the world. Winters are wonderful in Canada; with snow clad mountains and skiing "highways". Adventure and relaxation in cities, parks and mountains of Canada can be an everlasting memory, if planned and budgeted properly.

Most favored vacationing spots in Canada are the British Columbia, Victoria, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Islands. The majestic coastal mountains of British Columbia house some of the North America's largest ski resorts, Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain. British Columbia is a diverse province, where you can enjoy skiing in the Rockies, hiking in the wilderness, sailing and sampling wine in the vineyards. You can also visit the cities of Vancouver and Victoria for sightseeing and culture.

Glacier National Park is another of the major tourist and vacationing attraction. There are also breath-taking views of waterfalls, lakes and high mountains and covering about a million acres, this Crown of the Continent " is very sparsely populated compared to the Yellowstone or Yosemite national parks in the USA. This house of the grizzly is all the more attractive because of the wildlife which is another major attraction for vacationers is Canada. The wildlife spotting in Canada can be exhilarating when one spots a wolf, mountain lion or a Rocky Mountain sheep.

places worth seeing, Calgary is a unique base from which to explore the beauty of Alberta. Calgary dates back only to the summer of 1875. Calgary was the site of the Winter Olympics in February 1988 and this opportunity giving roll out the welcome mat on a truly international scale. With its many parks and convivial populace, Calgary retains the atmosphere of a much smaller, friendlier town.

Here is the gateway to the Rockies, Canada's great mountain range. Flowing through Calgary's centre is the Bow River and in summer, people use the river to float through the city in rafts. Kayakers and birdwatchers also find the river useful. Calgary itself is an pioneer town with a cowboy heritage that is celebrated every year in summer in the annual Calgary Stampede that includes rodeo shows and chuck wagon races. The wooden houses of the far-flung suburbs, meanwhile, recall the city's pioneering frontier origins, which are further celebrated in the annual Calgary Stampede , a hugely popular cowboy carnival in which the whole town - and hordes of tourists - revel in a boots-and-stetson image that's still very much a way of life in the surrounding cattle country. Year-round you can dip into the city's lesser museums and historic sites, or take time out in its scattering of attractive city parks.

Toronto is as the largest city in Canada. There are main street shopping districts like Yorkville and Queen Street West to take advantage of great currency exchange rates. There are also theatre, live music and museums of every stripe and from the stately Royal Ontario Museum to the offbeat Bata Shoe Museum and Toronto has approximately 32,000 hotel rooms. Toronto has been dubbed " Hollywood North " because it is quite usual to bump into a movie shoot. Toronto has stood in for international centers from European capitals to New York. Proud of their city's cultural, architectural and culinary charms. There's no shortage of skyscrapers, particularly in the downtown core. Many visitors marvel at the number of Torontonians. Natives and visitors alike enjoy the benefits of this rich cultural mosaic. Festivals such as Caribana and Caravan draw tremendous crowds to celebrate heritage through music and dance. The Toronto International Film Festival and the International Festival of Authors draw top stars of the movie and publishing worlds. The CN Tower is the world's largest free standing structure dominates the city's skyline. There are amazing views of the city, including Lake Ontario on which the city is nestled, from the top.

Montral is many languages and cultures feed the soul of this stylish metropolis and an underground city will allow for all manner of entertainment regardless of the weather. Montral is a big vibrant city where award-winning cuisine, superb shopping, a dynamic arts scene, and a hopping nightlife mingle with world-class facilities to make it one of the most sought after convention destinations in Canada. There is also Formula One racing. Well worth the time is Old Montreal and the Latin Quarter. There are plenty of parks in Montreal. Two worth a mention are the Mount Royal Park and Rapids Park, which is known for the spectacular Lechine Rapids and it has the largest colony of herons in Quebec. Montral has about 23,000 hotel rooms. Experience four ecosystems in one at the Biodome, from penguins to tropical rainforests. Parisian style or Jazz cruises are ideal leisurely outings. There are many festivals held during the year, which include fireworks, snow sculpting, skating and more. The most important of them is the Montreal Film Festival.

Niagara Falls City is an awesome experience to see 150 million liters of water of water per minute tumble down a rock mass as high as 56 m. Originally the site of the Neutral Indian village of Onghiara, the area surrounding Niagara-on-the-Lake was purchased in 1781 by the British Government. Niagara, often called the loveliest town in Ontario, is perhaps best known as the home of the Shaw Festival, the world's only festival dedicated to the plays of George Bernard. Thousands of people embarking on a new life in marriage believe the Niagara effect will be good for them and flock here to get married, which has dubbed the city as the wedding capital of Canada. The Niagara Falls area is a conservation area and its beautiful parks and gardens add to the ambience. Niagara's accomodations possibilities are as varied as the destination itself.

Victoria has the country's mildest climate and is located on a harbour that overlooks many Victorian buildings. Visitors are usually drawn into whale watching and other highlights in the city are the Royal British Museum and the Royal London Wax Museum. The city ticks on the tourism industry attracting 4 million visiters annually.

In Ontario its the capital Ottawa and many cultural activities, while Toronto is a major arts hub and the magnificent Niagara Falls cannot be missed. Qu'c is a former French colony steeped in history and culture, and highlights include historic fortified Quebec City and Montreal, Canada's second largest city which hosts major international events and festivals.

how to get Canada , Canada's airports are major hubs at Vancouver International Airport, Toronto's Pearson International Airport, the largest in the country, and Montral-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, formerly Dorval Airport, as the gateway to Qubec.

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